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cademic workload.When the school da▓y ends so early, at 3:30 pm, working parents have no choice but to send their child▓ren to after-school tutoring classes, she said."It is better to attend tutorin

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g classes after school than sit home and play video games," she said.Her son is interested in mathema▓tical Olympiads, yet the math classes in ▓schools rarely cover advanced concepts because

educing school hours and maki▓n

they are considered too difficult for most students.Many mathematical Olympiad training classes had been shut down recently, ▓she said, which made it more difficult for her son to develop his skills in that area.Strong demand from parents has boosted the market for after-school tutorin

g tests easier, parents in Shang

g in China.In 2016, more than 137 million primary and secondary school students attended extra▓curricular classes, which had a combine▓d market value of more than 800 billion yuan, according ▓to the Chinese Society of Education, which is overseen by the Ministry of Education.But many tuto

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rs merely focus on teaching pu▓pils how to perform well in exams, rather than aiding the wider educational development of the child, according to a statement issued by the ministry and three other central government departments at the end of February."They have brought additional heav▓y

children to much more expensi

homework for students and have increased financial burdens on families," the statement said.Reducing the workload on children was also a catchword at this year's two sessions, with many deputies and members calling for less homework for young students.Wang Guoqing, spokesman for the firs

ve private schools, she said.Xie

t session of the 13th National Committee of th▓e Chinese People's Political Consultative Confe▓rence, told a news briefing that school students in China spent an average of 2.82 hours doing their▓ homework each day, about three times the global a▓verage."The government will spare no effo

said there is a popular saying in Shanghai that "if stu

dents do not go to private middle and high schools,

rt to resolve the heavy workloads of primary and secondary school students," Premier Li Keqiang said on March 5, when he delivered the Government Work Report at the first session of the 13th National Peop


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ntal Education and Technology Group, a leading provider of aft▓er-school tutoring services, said after-school training institutions are an important supplement to the education system.Y

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ou Sen, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Society of Education, said the guidelines ar


e not aimed at closing all tutoring ▓institutions. Instead, they are intended to increase the


threshold for the sector and shut down substandard institutions."In the long term, after-sc

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